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The aim of this page is to pass on articles of interest to serving & ex-serving Communicators  and interested parties.  I am sure that many of the names of those below will be familiar to other shipmates who may also visit this site.

We are now in direct contact around the globe via the Internet, email and social media, so we are truly  QSO the World”

This is not an on-line forum, if you would like Comms related articles published on this page please send me an email, I update this website regularly and will publish your article (with accompanying photo/s if you wish) as soon as I am able.

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John Curbishley
Web Yeoman

January/February/March/April/May 2020

Grand Central Hotel Mon 15 June

First meet since start of Covid-19 restrictions.  L to R - Gus Dodds, Jim Eagles, Noel Chidgey and Doc Watson.

I will wait until July 10 when the Premiers next stage will be announced hoping social distancing may be relaxed.

Kev Ruwoldt


Vale Brian Charles (Slim) Harley R58321 - ex PORS(S)

Rivtka Harley has advised John White that her husband Brian (Slim) Harley passed away on Monday 15 June 2020 following an illness. Slim served for 12 years in the RAN and attained the Rank of Petty Officer.  

 He had shore postings in Darwin, Canberra, Melbourne and sea postings on Derwent, Quiberon and Melbourne.

 A private funeral will be held for Slim.

 The family will be arranging an opportunity to “Celebrate His Life” at a date and time yet to be determined.  This information will be communicated when it becomes available.  

Ted Murray
Membership Secretary
RANCBA Southern
0407 705 906

From Dave Jeffrey:
Great sadness. Slim was a LROS at Coonawarra in 65/66. A good mate for many years. He was in the next door cabin in the Coonawarra blocks, and boy could he snore. If one remembers those blocks, they were louvred floor to ceiling and I was in the corner of one cabin and he in the adjacent corner next door. Although there was a wall, there was only about 2 feet between our heads and open louvres each side!!!

Believe he may have been partners with Blue Bushel and Terry Reid in the blue flame competitions at 2RS also!!! VALE.

Vale Robert Rowan Drury S9243 (ex WWII Signalman)

I am writing to you to advise of my father’s recent passing, Robert Rowan Drury S9243. He was 93 years old and he passed away peacefully on 7th June 2020 and it was written in his notes to advise the yourself and the RAN, so I hope this is the correct email address.

Kind Regards
Helen Fischer (Daughter)
0438 228 253

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM

Sad news, may he rest in peace.


Vale Col Dicker R59872 (ex LRO)

Another candidate for the Big Wireless Office in the sky - LRO Col Dicker passed away after a lengthy illness at 0220 Saturday AM (6 June).

I have no other details on Col's service life other than he was at Coonawarra in 1968. He was on B Watch with Tackers, Jim Carey, Jim Eagles and myself. Did see him in Singapore on Parramatta in 1970 while I was on Duchess.

RIP Col wish you smooth seas.

Kev Ruwoldt

Sad news, may Col RIP.

From the Archives:
Colin Harold Dicker R59872, DOB 24.2.1947 - 6.6.2020.  Joined RAN 15.3.63 - DEE ?
Postings:  Cerberus, Gascoyne, Vampire, Harman, Melville, Stalwart.

From Ron Rigney:

Very sad news to hear about Col Dicker’s passing. I served with Col when he was an LRO and Killick of the Mess in HMAS Sydney (1972). During that period, HMAS Sydney completed a 7 week voyage to SE Asian ports, including the last of her many runs to Vung Tau.

According to the “Report of Proceedings” for November/December 1972, Commodore JLW “Red” Merson noted that “Apart from a few charges arising out of short tempers in the heat, and only seven absentee offences in Singapore, the conduct of the Ships Company has been very good”.

I was nearly one of those charges. As Killick of the Mess, Col had given me an order to do something which I thought was unreasonable. So much so, that I forgot myself and gave Col a bit of free advice (silly me). To which he said, “get your cap”! To which I said…”You’re kidding”. “No I’m not” said Col and the next thing I’m up in front of our Chief, CPORS Don Brindley.

Don heard Col’s story and then mine. Don decided that the matter should not go any further. However, I received a verbal kick in the pants from Don. Col received an apology from me and I did whatever it was that I was supposed to be doing. Nothing more was said about that incident.

Col and I parted ways at the end of that voyage and the next time we met was in 1985 when he was working for DCA (Airservices Australia) at Brisbane Airport. We renewed our friendship and became good mates long after our RAN time had finished.

I’ll miss Col very much and my sincere condolences to Dawdie.

From Jeff Dixon:

I was looking for somewhere to pass on the sad news about Col Dicker last Saturday evening when Dawdie rang us. I then found your page and thought I would maybe add a little.

I moved into a residence in Bracken Ridge, Brisbane in 2000 and Col was living across the road when he was working at the Airport as stated by Ron Rigney. It didn’t take long until we started chatting and found that we were both ex Navy.

I was a Stores basher and never came across Col during my time in. I know he was a proud member of your Branch attended a lot of the reunions, and we spent a lot of time remembering the ‘old days’ even though he had a good few years start on me.

He was, apparently, quite active in the village he resided in and was very popular with the other residents. I was very surprised when he told me he participated in the plays they put on from time to time. I always saw him as a quiet unassuming bloke. He did regularly contribute to the Letters to the Editor in the Courier Mail and I heard quite a few of his contributions read out on 4BC by Alan Jones and Ben Fordham.

I will remember him as a very thoughtful bloke who always had his brain in gear prior to engaging his mouth. I hadn’t seen him for some time since I moved to Glass House Mountains and as is always the way I 'should have kept in contact more often’.

I will always remember my chats with Col and Gail and I will stay in contact with Dawdie.

Fair winds and smooth seas Col, no more pain and RIP.

Jeff Dixon


HMAS SYDNEY II - First trip to Vietnam

On this day, 27th May 1965, B Coy 1RAR along with other elements of the 1RAR Group boarded HMAS Sydney bound for service in South Vietnam.

The converted aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney, departed Sydney on her first of over 20 voyages to South Vietnam, carrying 347 officers and men of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) together with vehicles, equipment and stores. The remainder of the battalion flew by chartered Qantas 707 jets on secret overnight flights from Richmond airbase to Saigon over the following two weeks.

The dispatch of this unit, totalling some 1,100 Australian Regular Army troops, marked the first deployment of Australian combat troops to the struggling Republic of Vietnam. 1RAR was generally considered one of the most professional and best-trained battalions ever to have left Australia, although deficiencies in its equipment and preparation would soon become apparent during extended operations in the bitter war in Vietnam.

Australian support for South Vietnam since the early 1960s was in keeping with the ‘forward defence’ policy of Australia and the ‘containment’ strategy of the United States, aimed at stemming the spread of communism in Southeast Asia.

Allan "Shorty" Moffatt

Peter Guy passes on the following request:

Good morning Peter

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to discuss the claim for compensation by Mrs Nicole Grimmond who is the widow of R153933 CPO Luke David Grimmond who passed away from cancer on 31 October 2019 at the age of 43.

I am doing advocacy work at the Veteran ’s Support Centre in Page here in the ACT and am currently seeking a pension for Mrs Grimmond. The initial application that the cancer was related to defence service has been rejected by 
the DVA and I am working on the appeal to the Veteran’s Review Board.

The avenues I am pursuing are:

• cancer was service related; and

• CPO Grimmond may not have received appropriate clinical management of the disease.

Before CPO Grimmond passed away he mentioned in passing that as a communicator he may have been continually exposed to electronic radiation or other cancer producing agents.

I am seeking two things:

• First anyone who may have served with and knew CPO Grimmond

• Second. Anyone who may have served on the ships that CPO Grimmond served on and is aware of any reports about radiation or other cancer producing agents on board these ships.

CPO Grimmond’s details are:

Name: Luke David GRIMMOND
Enl Date: 16 January 1995
Rank at time of death: CPO
Branch of RAN: Communications
Postings: ? - HMAS Parramatta
1995 - HMAS Cerberus
1995 - HMAS Harman
1997 - HMAS Brisbane
1998 - HMAS Melbourne
1999 - HMAS Harman

Operational Service: Afghanistan (Op Slipper)
Iraq/Western Asia (Op Catalyst) 2003 - 2009
Northern/Eastern Africa (Op Falconer) 2003
Western/Southern/Central Asia (Op Slipper??) 2001

Some of CPO Grimmond’s records of service are sketchy, but the above is the best information I have.

If anyone can assist in my injuries I can be contacted on:
Mobile: 0411 022 212

Thank you for your assistance.

Allan Joyce

Vale Jack William Shave R93124 (ex ABRO)

Regret to report the sudden passing at RPH on 04 May of Jack Shave, aged 76, following a heart attack.

Jack was a first course JR at Leeuwin and served at FND, Quickmatch, Voyager, Harman, Lonsdale (for Derwent).

He was medically discharged in 1965 from Harman following a motor vehicle accident.

Jack spent some years in DCA prior to moving, very successfully, into private enterprise.

Jack is survived by his wife Robin and children David and Jo Anne.

A good hand and a great friend who will be sadly missed.

David MacLean
WA Chapter

Lest We Forget

Condolence cards to 19 Len Howard Drive, Erskine, WA, 6210



ZOOM Committee Meeting for RANCBA VIC

Please post the below image to the QSO page, with a caption stating ‘that despite the current COVID19 environment in which we find ourselves in, the RANCBA Vic Committee have embraced technology and conducted an online committee meeting on 02May20.’

Who said you can’t teach ……


VALE Donald Ray ‘Titch’ Parsons R59929 (ex CPORSSM)

John White rang me with the sad news that ‘Titch’ has been found passed away in his bed.

Titch was born on 03 June 1947 and joined the RAN as a CERBERUS JR on 16 March 1963.  He spent his early years as a general service Sparker before joining the ‘O’ boats at PLATYPUS in early 1967.  He remained a sub-mariner for the rest of his RAN service.  I am not able to access personal records after 1970 but Titch served 20 years before DEE in 1983.

Shore Postings - Cerberus & Platypus
Sea Postings - Sydney, Oxley, Otway, Ovens, Onslow, Otama & HMS Sealion.

I have a personal connection to ’Donny’ as we knew him in Launceston when we were both Sea Cadets at TS TAMAR.  He joined Pussers 6 months before me, and I lost touch with him over the years (it was a different Navy on the boats) but I enjoyed catching up with him at the last RANCBA Reunion in Geelong where he appeared to be fit and well.

May he RIP
John Curbishley
Web Manager

From John 'Nokka' White

I have known Titch all of my Navy and past life.  We have done many things together and he was a stalwart who attended all of our regional reunions and family functions.  His neighbour is the current speaker of the house and he attended all of the naval activities that Titch organised through the Lilydale RSL. They were best mates.

Titch lived a very full life, involved in everything.  A staunch member of RANCBA VIC.

RIP old mate, I am sure I shall think of you often – Cheers.

Lest We Forget

More details will be published as they come to hand.



ANZAC Day on Eyre Peninsula

Meg Haensel-Fuss ex LSROT sends:

We're surviving well here on the Eyre Peninsula, luckily no virus to date, but most people are pretty good at social distancing here.

It is raining here now, started about mid-day, good as we started seeding in the dry last week and, what is ANZAC Day without rain!

As we couldn't hold our normal ANZAC Day activities, we compromised with just five of us getting togetherat 0545 this morning and doing our own thing at our Memorial. (Should add that in SA our social distancing gathering allows for 10).

I read a poem, 'The Unknown Soldier', then we laid flowers on the four sides of our Memorial - Denise laid some flowers for ALL Who Served, Jaxen for WWI, Fox for WWII and David for Vietnam - the four of them are all ex Army, but won't hold that against them, they're good mates and they all know that the Navy (me) keeps the show running!

The flowers all came out of my back yard and a nearby paddock, rosemary, wattle and yellow and pink flowering gum, it helps when one has a big back yard on a farm!

Following the laying of the flowers, Denise recited the Ode, and then we had the Last Post, observed a Minute Silence and then Reveille. Bit different having to have the Last Post and Reveille as a recording off the mobile. We followed this up by standing for another few minutes in silent reflection before breaking off for a chat and some more photos, the later ones weren't such a problem but taking them earlier on proved a bit challenging in the dawn-light, but we got some for the archives.

Around 0700 a local country singer and her hubby (both RSL Affiliate Members) turned up with speakers & pa equipment and Bev sung for about half an hour, she has quite a good repertoire of ANZAC songs now, and sings most years for our Commemorative Services.

During the last couple of weeks we had been encouraging the locals to participate in the 'Light Up the Dawn' Service which many did and we also encouraged them to come down to the Memorial today and pay their respects, so there are quite a few additional posies of flowers around the base of the plinth now.

Anyway, I dribbled on enough now. Have enclosed a couple of photos of this morning - ANZAC Day in Cummins, if you'd like to post them on the RANCBA page; and yes the old pussers burberry still fits...just!

Stay safe and take care, all the best,

(Meg Haensel-Fuss ex LSROT)

From Beetle Baillie

A big thank you to you Meg for continuing to put yr QSO articles into the RANCBA section and not going to the FACEBOOK section which lots of us mere ordinary people do not spend most of our life on.

Yr latest article is a really good report on what u folks on the Eyre Peninsula did to remember those who went before us and some of whom paid the ultimate price. It’s a pity John had to take down the old Guest Book section but I am most grateful for people like u that keep us up to speed with what’s happening. Well done.
Beetle Baillie ex LROS


I received the following from Robyn Rouse, wife of the late RO Greg Rouse - a mate from way back on sweepers in the Indonesian Confrontation 1965-66 and he relieved me on the mighty warship KIMBLA the following year .

He always looked forward to this special day to remember those that went before and served this Nation , and he always wore the uniform of the Navy with great pride .

Lest We Forget
Allan "Shorty" Moffatt OAM


ANZAC Day 2020

Along with Helen and neighbours across the road, next door etc, we were on our driveway at 0555am for the Service on the ABC from the AWM Canberra.

Very different, and looking back it would be the first one that I have missed not Laying a Wreath and the March and I say no more about the Reunion, as far as my family can recall, would be when I attended the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC 2015 at Gallipoli , Turkey.
This was taken after we came inside, glad it was a nice morning and not cold.

Allan Moffatt OAM


ANZAC Day 2020

Would you mind posting this on the website please?  A friend of mine produced it and he is hoping that the ABC will play it on Anzac Day.  

Frank Aldred



You may have already heard or read of the 'Light up the Dawn' concept for this year's ANZAC Day. The RSL is promoting this on a national basis.

For more information and resources, suggest you search .

Another excellent concept as it relates to playing a musical instrument on this date and time (6am). Information is available at with information and resources.

Lest we forget.
Dave Sutherland

Vale Eric John Buist R96132 (ex ROS)

It is with regret I notify you of the crossing of the bar of ex ROS Eric John Buist R96132, 20th Intake at JRTE at 5.45am 10th April 2020. He succumbed to Mesothelioma.

With the COVID-19 restrictions I am not sure of what will happen funeral wise.

Lest we forget my little mate.

Stay safe and well
Geoff Worth

From Beetle Baillie (ex LROS)

Another good (S) sailor gone far too soon. Served with Gopher at Harman around ‘71 and we got into all sorts of strife together around The Vic/Queanbeyan/Harman. We lost track of each other until the Darwin get together last year and my wife and I spent a couple of good days with he and Gillian. We then caught up with them again at the end of November, over the west, and although he was suffering, he was never going to give in without a good fight, as was the case throughout his life. We spent a wonderful Sunday with them and partook of his special seafood lunch and spun a few good warries. Our condolences to Gillian and Family.


Vale Roger Andrew Garrett R50822 (ex Tel)

Received a phone call this morning advising of the passing of our old mate Roger Garrett (Esq). who collapsed at home earlier this morning (Thursday 09 April).

His partner Ann Mc Donald is arranging for a private cremation and will organise a Memorial Service at a later date, as well as the scattering of his ashes over the water as per his wishes.

Roger was born in Winton in 1935 and was living in Buranda Brisbane when he joined the Navy on 25th February 1955 for 6 years as Rct Tel R50822.

Roger served on a number of ships including Quickmatch, Queenborough, Voyager, Melbourne, as well as stints in all the shore est6ablishments except SA and WA.

Discharged 22 November 1968.

Rest in Peace Roger

Sonja & Alan Hellier
Sad news, may he RIP

The following was passed on by Kev Ruwoldt:
I’ve gone to the ‘on-line’ version of the obituary and it’s a lot clearer there – so I blew up the Morse component and the result is below, as it should have been in the paper: 

Date listed: 25/4/2020

GARRETT, Roger Andrew

Old School Naval Communicator

.. - --- .-.. -.. -.-- --- ..- .. .-- .- … … .. -.-. -.- 
 (I told you I was sick)

20 April 1935 – 9 April 2020

Loving partner of Ann for the happiest years of his life, and Maree and Rick Somer, Shaun McDonald, and Vivienne, Harley, Koebe and Chance. Son of Albert and Ann (both dec’d), fond brother to Margaret, Wynn, and Alex, also Albert, Martin and Leo (dec’d). Fond uncle to many nieces and nephews.

Private cremation due to COVID-19. A Memorial Service will be held when restrictions are lifted.

Publication: The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

 Roger Esq. definitely had the last laugh!!  Clever little fella, eh? 


Vale Desmond Edward McKee R93067 (ex WORS)

Dave Jeffrey advises that Des 'Crossed the Bar' on Friday 27 March 2020.  He was privately cremated at Goulburn Crematorium on Thursday 02 April.

From the Archives:  Desmond Edward McKee, born 02/09/1944, Joined RAN 07/07/1960 as part of the 1st Intake of JR's at Leeuwin.

Sad news, may he RIP.

Fm Rod Beckinsale:

It was a sad shock to read today of Des McKee’s passing. I have many fond memories of Des who was my mentor in Navy days and someone I greatly respected. By some quirk and at every rank level I inherited Des’ shoes each time he was promoted and when he paid off. I always had my work cut out for me as they were very big shoes to fill. That he went on to a very successful career in the ACT Public Service would be no surprise to anyone who knew him. A thorough gentleman and a lovely bloke who I was privileged to share some time and reds with. My heartfelt condolences to Judy and Ryan.


Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd

On Saturday , 7th March at the City of Sydney RSL Club, George Street Sydney a Meeting was held and the Guest Speaker was RADM Guy Griffiths.

Here I was seated with Mr. Mike Perrott (MELBOURNE/FAA Assn), Mr Bob Auston SYDNEY Assn) and Mr, Bruce Richens, President of the NAA (Parramatta sub section) – there were others that I had met or known . It commenced at 1400 but most had arrived by 1345, and a few minutes after the starting time , RADM Griffiths arrived. For a person who had celebrated his 97th birthday a week earlier, he is so immaculate in dress and his speech was brilliant – He was down to speak for 1 hour, but he concluded at 1545 which allowed for those who wished to ask a question

He commenced with his start of his Naval career, his early life began in the Hunter Valley region and at the age of 13 years, he entered the Royal Australian Naval College as a Cadet Midshipman in 1937. After graduation he was posted to the Royal Navy in 1940 and joined the Battle Cruiser HMS REPULSE . Sadly on the 10th December 1941 HMS REPULSE and the Battleship HMS PRINCE of WALES was sunk , he was one of the survivors. He saw service on HMAS SHROPSHIRE and saw action in the SW Pacific and the battle of Leyte Gulf , Lingayen Gulf etc .

After WWII he served on the aircraft carrier HMAS SYDNEY and then HMAS ANZAC and in both occasions saw service in the Korean War. Service on HMAS MELBOURNE was to follow and in 1961 was the Commissioning Commanding Officer of HMAS PARRAMATTA, and in 1965 the Commissioning of HMAS HOBART in the USA and then the first RAN ship to be deployed to the Vietnam War- he spoke so proud of all who had been part of the Commissioning and for those who remained and served in Vietnam.

Later on he was the Commanding Officer of HMAS MELBOURNE and here the ship participated in the Operation to assist and help Darwin after it had been destroyed by Cyclone Tracey on Christmas Day 1974.

This is only a small resume of his career, but as stated he is indeed a wonderful speaker, and he throws in little “one liners” .It was a pleasure to attend and I am glad that I did so.

Allan Moffatt OAM

Vale Nathaniel “Jack” Dempsey R50200 (ex LRO)

Born 09 March 1937, Joined RAN 09 March 1955 for 6 years.  DEE 08 March 1961.

Jack passed away AT 1.15am this morning (25 March 2020). 

Jack served on HMAS Quiberon with Keghead Weaver. Do not have any other info on Jack’s Navy career other than he was fond of the WRANS.

Jack worked for the Dept Civil Aviation up until his retirement, serving in Madang PNG, Cloncurry and Townsville. Retired to Bargara with his partner Irene.

Kev Ruwoldt

Sad News, may Jack RIP.


HMAS PERTH Association & Plaque Dedication Service

This combined Service was held at the Chapel, Garden Island on Sunday 1st March 2020, but unfortunately due to the very limited parking available, I believe many cancelled out , even though they had submitted their names for entry to GI at the last moment

The Service was Officiated by Chaplain Andrew Watters RAN who did an outstanding Service and this was very evident during the Reflections on the research he had carried out.

After the Welcome by the Chaplain, all were asked to Stand as the Australian White Ensign was Paraded into the Chapel by a escort of Serving personnel – later on, some who had never seen this before , told me , it is so wonderfully carried out and reflects on well on the Navy.

The Opening Prayer and then the Hymn “O God Our Help In Ages Past” and then the Naval Psalm
Bible Reading from John 15 9-15 was Read by Anthony “Timber” Mills , President of the PERTH Assn

This was followed by Reflections and here as previously stated, Chaplain Watters had done some great re search and it was well received by all in attendance

The Hymn “Eternal Father Strong To Save” – the Naval Hymn was sung by all, and following the Naval Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer by all

The Plaque Dedication then followed for the Memory of former Shipmates

Here a family relative – friend – former ship mate are asked to come forward and speak on behalf of that person – brilliantly done

(For those that may not be aware, any former serving Member of the RAN , or WRANS , regardless of rank, rate or time served may have a Plaque Dedicated to them and is fixed in the Chapel of Remembrance)

Then followed a Poem, HMAS PERTH (by Vic Duncan – aboard during the Battle in the Sunda Strait and then a POW) and here it was Recited by Ms Christine Stewart , the daughter of John Grant also a POW) She spoke so well and very proud of all those who had Served on the PERTH in WW II.

Also a man came forward and passed on the best wishes of Frank McGovern , also a Member of PERTH in WWII, a survivor of the infamous Thai – Burma Railway and then a POW in Japan, he had celebrated his 100th birthday last October , but has had a couple of falls of late, the last being last week and broke a rib, and could not be with us today.

The was followed by the Naval Ode and ODE, The Last Post – A Minutes Silence and Reveille – By a Bugler of the RAN BAND – Sydney Detachment

All to remain as the AWE Colour party marched down the Aisle and the Chaplain resented the AWE to the Banner Bearer, they about faced and faced the Congregation and here all were asked to join in the singing of the Australian National Anthem (both verses) . – and the Blessing by the Chaplain

Morning Tea was then supplied by volunteers – all Ex Communicators and this is carried out in the vicinity of the Historical Bldg, The following made, and brought in by Jan & Ric Easom, Liz Watts, Ken & June Swain, Andy & Jan Mills and Helen and self (Shorty) Moffatt . Due to prior commitments , a few of our normal volunteers could not be with us today , Philip & Mary Bell, Diana Avent and her sister Liz.

The setting where we carry this out, in my opinion is one of the best you could wish for , on the shores of Sydney Harbour looking at Rose Bay area and yesterday the number of yachts made it look more so spectacular – and thoroughly enjoyed by all .
To each and everyone many thanks and also to Chaplain Andrew Watters and to PO Digby Ingham for all his work in the back ground and to those at the Historical Society for the use of their facilities . BRAVO ZULU

Also on the way home , I diverted to see Mr Don Ferguson WWII Convoy Signalman who sadly now in a resident in a Nursing Home . He is aged 96 years , but is still sprightly and we had a good yarn and wished all the best that know him.

Allan ‘Shorty” Moffatt OAM


If anyone who will be in Sydney on Saturday 7th March and would like to attend this presentation, herewith all details.

You are invited to attend our next presentation on Saturday 7th March 2020 by Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths RAN Rtd.
Cost is FREE, but a gold coin donation is always appreciated !

Venue: City of Sydney RSL, 565 George Street, Sydney NSW. Take the lift to 4th Floor – Liverpool Room.

RSL is located right hand side of George St and a 5 minutes walk down towards Central from Town Hall City Rail Station.

Presentation is timed for 14:00 – 15:00. Refreshments are available pre or post from the third floor Sports mans bar.


Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM

Vale John Alfred Martyn R39481 (ex LRO)

It is my sad duty to inform of the passing of John “Pincher” Martyn . He passed away on the 16th February 2020 at the age of 92 years.

During his Navy career from 9th November 1950 till 8th November 1962 , and after training at HMAS CERBERUS , he served on HMAS ANZAC – Active Service in Korea, HMAS HARMAN, HMAS QUIBERON, HMAS KUTTABUL, HMAS ANZAC.

He was a keen cricketer whilst in the Navy.

Rest in Peace Mate – it was a pleasure to have known you for many years.

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
RIP Pincher


All SHIP's Reunion November 2020

Shorty Moffatt has advised he will probably be attending.  Shorty is the only Communicator still alive out of the 4 who Commissioned HMAS MORESBY in February '64. 'He's getting worried, so better make the most of it now - the last Reunion was great.'


 Anyone interested in having a get together in November, Ballina Sub Section of the Naval Association is running a  ALL SHIPS REUNION in November.  It is a great weekend. Expressions of interest would be  appreciated before I spend hours organising.

Regards Junior


Vale Frederick Maxell 'Lofty' Burgin R49954 (ex CY/Const)

Hi from the Burgin Family.

Its with sad hearts that we wish to let you know that our beautiful Dad - Frederick Maxwell Burgin passed away last Sunday night, so for those who would like to attend Dad's funeral it will be held at the Norwood Crematorium Samford St Mitchell on Tuesday 18th February at 3.00pm and light refreshments after at 27 Follett St Scullin.

Lest We Forget

(Lofty's service details will follow shortly - he transferred to the Naval Police in 1966 and then took a free discharge in November 1969).


HMAS VOYAGER Memorial and Survivors Reunion

On this day, 56 years ago on the 10th February 1964 at approximate 2055 hrs , 19 nm from Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay , the Daring Class Destroyer HMAS VOYAGER collided with the aircraft HMAS MELBOURNE (flagship of the RAN) with the fatal loss of 82 of the crew of VOYAGER. This was the worse peacetime Naval disaster of the RAN.

To Commemorate and remember those who were lost a Service was held at Jervis Bay from the 7th – 11th February . Sadly with age, health and the weather conditions that we have experienced in the last few months, the numbers were down. But , for those that attended and also NOK of departed shipmates, I believe were more than happy with what was arranged.

The first night, 7th a Meet & Greet was held , but for some of the Survivors, they were invited to the Senior Sailors Mess , RANC , HMAS CRESWELL for a Dining-In Night. Now, I have never served on VOYAGER, but due to the fact that I have been heavily involved in this Service for many years in different ways, I also received a very welcome Invite from the President of the Mess by WO Grant Leepere . We were driven to HMAS CRESWELL by Mrs Brenda Hannay, who I shall say more about later.

After the security checks were carried out at the Main Gate, we were then driven to the Mess – here we were met by the President and other Senior Sailors and made very very welcome.

After a welcoming drink, and 2 very important Guests had arrived, one being the Commanding Officer HMAS CRESWELL, Captain Bairstow CSC RAN and then the Warrant Officer of the Navy Deb Butterworth OAM , CSM and Bar who had arrived from Canberra. One of the Snr Sailors wearing Mess dress, but in lieu of trousers, wore his Scottish kilt, and with bag pipes, piped us into the Dining Room – it was beautifully laid ,out along with silver candle holders on each table . Seating was with a Snr Sailor on each side of you, and this worked well.  The meal was glorious, and the red or white wine was very welcome and when it came to Toasts, decanters of port were passed on each table.

One of the Snr sailors rose and spoke of the Naval career of the WO of the Navy, her career in the Naval structure was nothing short of amazing , and then she rose and spoke – her communications skills and speech were well done, my only regret, it was not recorded.

After the meal and relaxing drinks and talks, we were asked to leave the Dining Room and after a short period to return – the tables had been cleared, but in front of each person was now placed a envelope. The President rose and asked each to open the envelope and in turn, we had to stand and read out the names (2) in each slip of paper, it was the name of a Officer or Sailor who had lost their life that night – the first time this has been done.

This brought to and end of the formal affairs, but all to remain, linger and talk to who ever you wish to do so. Here Captain Bairstow came up and said hullo to me, I had met him at the previous VOYAGER Reunion in 2019, and then the WO of the Navy came around and to the 6 Survivors and myself, presented us a Medallion and a case containing pens. It was a night I shall always remember.

The following evening, a Formal Dinner was held and there was nothing but praise for both the Dinner and the Venue – here I carried out the duty of MC for the evening.  In my opening speech, I mentioned, 2 names John Withers and his email and just before leaving to drive down there, a phone call from ex LRO Alan Hellier and Survivor of the sinking and at present he is President of the RANCBA QLD Chapter.

On Sunday a Church Service was held at the Chapel, HMAS CRESWELL and Officiated by Chaplain James Sutherland RAN – he delivered a beautiful Service and this was more so when he explained how the Hymn “It is well with my Soul” came about – on completion Morning Tea was supplied and it taken up by all. A Luncheon was held at the Huskinsson Bowling Club , and here I caught up with Ex CYS Ian Schubert and his wife Marion – We spoke again on “old times”!!!

Monday, 10th February at the approx time that the fatal collision occurred, a Memorial Service was held in VOYAGER Park at the Memorial – it is a beautiful Memorial and on one of the walls that names of all those who lost their life that night. The Service was Officiated by Chaplain James Sutherland RAN and very well attended by all, plus members of the public.

On completion this brought to an end of 4 days of a mixture of both the Memorial and Survivors Reunion and I am glad that I attend and shall as long as I am invited.

This 4 days is the result of very hard work which is carried out by Mrs Brenda Hannay – Secretary – she resides down there, but sadly her husband a Survivor is now a resident of a Nursing Home and requires full ongoing assistance , plus many did not know, she drives to to Sydney each fortnight to check on and assist her mother (94 years old) – she is without a doubt a legend and should be awarded for all she does.

Some of the Communicators who were lost and I had served or knew. Bob Denham, we joined up together, did Rct School, sea training on HMAS GLADSTONE, School and this was his second posting to VOYAGER. LRO Don McPharlin great hand, Sub Lieut Errol “Sandy” Beavis, he had been my Regulating CRS at COONAWARRA in 1960 and had just returned from the UK after completing a SD Course, Yeoman of Sigs Kev Cullen, but also others Alex Hegarty, the only person to escape out of the wheelhouse and we served on HMAS MORESBY, Duncan Fletcher we served on the PB HMAS BARBETTE, Sig Gary Evans the only person to escape from the bridge, George Smith who came to MORESBY after survivors leave and time on QUIBERON This is just a few

It is hoped that this period of the RAN shall not be forgotten.

Lest We Forget
Allan Moffatt OAM

John, Just like to add an additional Communicator who as I remember it went down on the Voyager was TO Peter Harris. Peter was in my intake in August ’59 and was one of three of the class who became a “flag wavers”, along with Stuart Clark and myself.
Daryl Cross (ex LTO)


Vale Marianne Eynon

It is with a sad heart that I am informing you of the passing off Marianne Eynon on Thursday 13 February 2020.

Marianne's Funeral notice appeared in today's Canberra Times (Saturday 15 Feb).

Marianne was the wife of our immediate past President, Ken Eynon.

A service for Marianne will be held in the chapel of Norwood Park Crematorium on Friday 21 February 2020 at 1.30 pm.

Donations in lieu of flowers can be made to the Brain Tumour Alliance Australia.


Kaye Mongan
President RANCBA, Canberra

Sad news, our thoughts are with Ken and family.

Special thoughts from Robyn Rouse:
Taffy sorry to hear of the passing of your Marianne, it’s hard times when you lose your life long partner and I feel for you and your family. I do remember meeting her In your Canberra home quite a few years ago now.

Special thoughts to you. Robyn Rouse


RANCBA ACT - Australia Day 2020 - BBQ by Lake Burley Griffin.



In company with Cmdr Ken Swain AM RAN Rtd and many others we arrived at the Main Gate, Garden Island at approx 10.30am here our names where checked on a very big list and then taken to the waiting coaches and driven to the Chapel . On arrival there, and going into the Chapel our names and seating was carried out by 4 sailors and a CPO , who did a sterling job and later when it was starting to get very hot, they made sure everyone and I mean everyone had ample bottles of water to drink - they were a credit to their Branch.

The Chapel was completely full and this included the family , Mrs Pamela Leach Mr Michael Leach, Mrs Nicola Leach, Malia Leach and some of the following – it would be too long, which included HE The Hon Margaret Beazley AC QC Governor of NSW, Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michel Noonan AO RAN, Rear Admiral Jonathon Mead AM RAN, Commander Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Tony Horton AO RAN Rtd (Patron the RANCBA NSW) Mrs Margaret Horton, Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd, Rear Admiral Rothesay Swan AO CBE RAN Rtd (Former Fleet Communications Officer) Mrs Margaret Swan, Mr Ray James Vice President RSL NSW, Mr Bob Auston .Mr Lee & Rosemary Stockley OAM, Rose Bay RSL Sub Branch, Mr Tony Mills& Mr Mike Kay , President & Secretary of the HMAS PERTH Association , Sister Mary Leahy OAM Chaplain Sydney Port (MN) , The Hon Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair RAN Rtd and also the 35th Governor of NSW, Mr Greg Reid MBE – this was just some -

The Service commenced with all being asked to Stand and then the Officiating Chaplain Rev. Colin Acton RAN in the front and followed by the coffin borne on the shoulders of 6 serving sailors immaculately dressed in full whites and the coffin draped in the Australian White Ensign and all his Australian Order and Medals carried on a black cushion . They slowed Marched down the aisle The Welcome was given by Chaplain Acton and the Opening Prayer and then all to join in a beautiful Hymn Jerusalem

Following was the Service Tribute given by the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN , and a herewith a brief coverage of his Service.

David Leach was born July 1928 in Perth WA, and at the age of 13 years, Joined the RAN as a Cadet Midshipman in January 1942 during WWII - at the RAN College he was appointed Chief Cadet Captain and was Awarded the King’s Gold Medal. In 1946 – 47 served in the Royal Navy in the British Pacific Fleet before returning to Australia and here he served on HMA Ships AUSTRALIA , MURCHISON, and ARUNTA , After specialising in Gunnery he then was the Gunnery Officer of the new Destroyer HMA VAMPIRE (and here Ken Swain was one of the young Communicators who were part of the Commissioning) . He then served as Fleet Gunnery aboard HMAS MELBOURNE.
Command appointments followed HMAS VENDETTA II 1964-66 and HMAS PERTH II during her second deployment in the Vietnam War 1968-69 . HMAS PERTH was effective in providing accurate fire on enemy positions , thereby earning a US Meritorious Unit Citation - He was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1969.

Following as Director of Naval PlaNS 1969-70 and then the RAN Representative in the United Kingdom 1971-74 . Appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO) for his Services as Liaison Officer during a Royal Visit to Australia.

As Commodore served as Director of Naval Plans , Director General of Naval Operational Requirements 1975-76 before returning to Britain to complete the Senior Staff Course at the Royal College of Defence Studies
Promotion to Rear Admiral he was Asst. Chief of Naval Staff 1978-79 and then Flag Officer Commanding Australian Fleet 1979-80 and Asst Chief of Naval Staff Personnel 1980-81 . he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his Service as Commander of the Australian Fleet Advanced to Vice Admiral in April 1982 and became Chief of Naval Staff and was elevated to Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).

He retired from the RAN in 1985 but continued as a Member of the Australian War Memorial, a Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Life Patron the HMAS PERTH Association , Commissioner in the NSW Crime Commission and also served a Mayor of Woollahra Sydney where he lived with his wife Pamela.

The Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN then Presented Mrs Pamela Leach with a Australian White Ensign.

Eulogies were given by Mr John Leach and Mr Peter Leach, Ms Nicola Leach and Mr Michael Leach.

A Musical Tribute, AN IRISH BLESSING by the Choir of the Australian Club – May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always on your back – beautiful and sang so well.

Prayers followed and the Lord’s Prayer
The Naval Prayer by Commodore Ivan Ingham AM RAN , and all to join in the singing of the Naval Hymn (music by a Detachment of the RAN Band).

The ODE by Captain Matthew Shand RAN –Commanding Officer HMAS KUTTABUL

Then outside from the Chapel , a Volley of Rifle Fire by an Honour Guard.

The Last Post – A Minutes Silence – Reveille ( RAN Bugler ).

The Committal and then all to remain standing as the Coffin was then borne by 6 serving sailors and Petty Officer in Charge and they all Slowed Marched down the Chapel aisle.

The Recessional Hymn – I Vow to Thee My Country.

On making your way down outside was the full Band of the RAN, a Honour Guard and then approx 2-300 sailors in full whites who marched behind the hearse.

This brought to end of what I would term – a beautiful service and a fitting end for some one who served their country.

We then joined coaches and at a very slow pace, made our way to the Main Gate, Garden Island.

Allan Moffatt OAM
RANCBA Member NSW Chapter


RANCBA Southern Region - Regional Reunion - CANCELLATION

The Committee wishes to advise that due to Navy Operational Commitments the Open Day at HMAS Cerberus has been moved from 1 March 2020 to Saturday 31 October 2020.

As a result we have decided to cancel the Regional Reunion scheduled to coincide with the Cerberus Open Day originally scheduled for 1st March 2020. We will be looking at this new date and will provide further information as it comes to hand.

If you have already organised your accommodation for this event can you please contact the venue and cancel your booking.

BIG4 Mornington Peninsula Holiday Park
2 Robinsons Road, Frankston South, Victoria 3199.
Telephone 1800 623 491

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0418 524 067.

Regards Nokka


RANCBA ACT Australia Day BBQ

The Association will be holding a BBQ on Australia Day again this year – details as follows:

Where : Weston Park Yarralumla – the second parking area on the right – next to BBQ’s and toilets – look for our banner.

When : Australia Day, Sunday 26th January 2020 – from 1000 onwards.

The Association will provide eggs, bacon, sausages, bread etc – BYO drinks and chairs.

The area is a ‘Dogs on Leash’ designated area – kangaroos frequent the area.

For catering purposes, please advise me if you are joining us.


Peter Guy
0499 991 421


Side Swiper:

Those Sparkers out there may be interested in the attached, which I have recently built. (Described as a Side Swiper for the PC brigade).

The two adjustable contact units, (the two black bits either side of the blade) I have had in the shed for around 30 years – thought it about time I put them to good use.

Key is functional – I’ll probably donate it to the HMAS Stirling museum.

Cheers and best wishes to all in 2020.


L.G. Michael