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John Curbishley
Web Yeoman

May/June 2019


On Saturday, 13th July this Reception was held at Govt House and very well organised

Now, I never served in the Korean War , but in 1957 whilst onboard HMAS ANZAC, (Cmdr JP Stevenson ) along with our sister ship HMAS TOBRUK (Captain R Peek later Sir and promoted to Vice Admiral) we sailed from Hong Kong in company and under the command of FO2 FEF flying his Flag aboard the cruiser HMS BELFAST and also with the New Zealand light cruiser HMNZS ROYALIST . This was a small UN Task Group to make sure both sides in Korea stayed on their side of the 38th parallel

As the weather was going to be changing and with no ship having A/C and just hammocks for sleeping, prior to sailing we were issued , heavy white jumpers, long sox , mittens for working on upper deck and RN duffel coats (only on tempo loan).  Also as we would be transiting the Formosa Straits and there was no peace with Communist China and the Nationals who had escaped the main land and now on the island of Taiwan, and that we could be recognised , a big Union Jack was painted on the top of the 4.5 B gun turret and we sailed in cruising watches with gunnery closed up in either A or B gun turret and one of the STAAGS manned . Throughout, we would be challenged by ships or checked by air craft.

We arrived in Yokohama , and after days, we sailed and also now joined by USN ships and through the inland sea , absolutely beautiful, and Mount Fuji covered in snow was something I would always remember.

Our first port of call was Inchon and after many years of war , and invasion by Mongols, Chinese, Japanese in WW II and then 4 years of the Korean war, it was very barren and destruction every where. After that, we sailed to Pusan (now called Busan) and here destruction was even worse. The good part we were bussed into Seoul during our time there and the US military had the biggest armed camp I had ever seen, but the PX was great and a nice can of beer was always available .

We also visited the island of Cheju by our self and after 3 1/2 weeks sailed for Sasebo in Japan and then we sailed to Kagoshima , and then start our voyage back to Hong Kong and Singapore – we didn't have to worry about the Communist or National Chinese as the weather was changing rapidly and a typhoon was now imminent – it just added to the end of a deployment

Anyway, I received this Invite to attend the Reception at Government House and with my wife , Helen we did so.

It was so well organised and after everyone had a chance to meet and greet, all were invited to the Guest Room and here there was 3 speeches.  One by HE The Governor of NSW, Margaret Beasley AO QC , then the Premier of NSW, HE, Gladys Berejiklian and then Rear Admiral Ian Crawford AO RAN Rtd, President of the Korean Vets Association – all speeches were short but with the message to thank all who had served there and also who were sent there after the war on different deployments

From here all were invited to partake of refreshments and it was nice to meet with some I had known.

When it was time to leave, coaches had been arranged to drive those what wished to avail them selves to the closest rail station

All in all, a great day and I am glad that I accepted.

Photo – my wife Helen, HE The Governor of NSW Margaret Beazley and self.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Brisbane Mob at the Grand Central 1st July

L to R......Don Ruwoldt, Trev Percival,  Baz Cleary, Brigitte (Trev's Carer), Timba Mills, John Horton, Tackers Miles, Roger Garrett Esq, Jim Eagles, Kev Ruwoldt, Shags Hellier, Doc Watson and Gus Dodds.

Trog Keenan from Melbourne turned up not long after the photo was taken, but the early birds had already departed to catch their trains. 

Next meet at the GCH will be on Monday 5th August, CYA then. 



RANCBA WA Chapter Lunch

We will hold an informal lunch 12.00 Friday 12 July at the Bayswater Hotel, all communicators welcome, contact David MacLean 0418 917 982.

Yours aye

RANCBA National Reunion 2019

Edition 2/19 - 19Jun19                                        

Patron: Senior Naval Officer Victoria

Commodore Greg Yorke CSC RANR

From the President - John 'Nokka' White                                                                     


RANCBA National Reunion – 2019

 As you would expect there are a number of elements to organising the National Reunion being held in Geelong from Thursday 7 to Monday 11 November 2019 and your Committee is keen to keep you informed of our plans.

The program will commence with a Meet and Greet, a welcome to Geelong by the Mayor on the Thursday night.  Approval has been given to conduct A Beat to Quarters and Ceremonial Sunset by the Navy Band on a grassed section of the waterfront.  We will then be led down the wharf by the Navy Band to the formal Dinner.

 Other excursions and functions include bus trips, bowls, golf, opportunity to purchase memorabilia and much more.  The Reunion will cumulate with a Remembrance Day Service at 1100 on Monday 11 November 2019 followed by lunch at the Geelong RSL. 

A new sponsor has come forward and provided a $1000 travel voucher, each Registrant will receive a ticket in their Welcome Bag and the raffle will be drawn during the Dinner. So please secure your ticket as you might be the winner of a significant prize thanks to Helloworld Rowville.

For further details regarding the National Reunion please go to our web site where you can register for the Reunion, purchase tickets, register for all events and purchase memorabilia.

If you have any problems or do not have access to the web please call, we want everyone to have the opportunity to attend the Reunion in Geelong.

 RANCBA Southern

 The Committee is committed to including some events in the future that will allow both retired and working members the opportunity to catch-up with old mates and make new friends.  We are looking at conducting single day activities and we are asking all Members for their input:

Firstly by commencing on suggestions below:

Meet and Greet in a local RSL or other venue,

Picnic in the Park, BYO picnic,

Local Dinners,

Short Cruises (3-4 Days duration) out of Melbourne,

Visit to HMAS Cerberus or other significant site,

Regional Reunions (Weekend get togethers)

And secondly by providing your Committee with additional ideas of events that you would like to be involved in or see take place. 

We have produced a map indicating where our membership resides and will use this to arrange local dinners in areas which will allow easy access for members.  Members in the Geelong area are already having regular dinner nights and we have planned one located in the South East at Chelsea RSL on 20 June with members in that area invited.  We hope to move these nights around to ensure that as many of you as possible can attend and this will be discussed at the next Committee meeting on 15 June.

Even though our efforts are directed towards the National Reunion to be held in Geelong 7 – 11 Nov 2019, we are still keen to explore all options that allow are Member to catch-up.

 Note:  Please feel free to share this Newsletter with other Communication Branch members who may not be part of our mailing list. 

Committee Contact Details: 

President                     Nokka White              0418 524 067

Vice President            Jan Withers                 0421 042 296

Secretary                     Ernie Power                0407 245 660

Treasurer                    Jan Gallagher              0409 218 013

Computer Guy           Gary Swanton             0430 339 921

Committee                  John Falk                    0413 466 514

Membership               Ted Murray                 0407 705 906


John 'Nokka' White


RANCBA Southern Region

Website -

Social Media - Facebook





Vale Gregory Eric Gene Rouse R58342 (ex-LRO)

With extreme sorrow and sadness I regret to advise the passing of EX LRO Greg Rouse. Greg was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer late last year and underwent radiation treatment but cancer had spread. He was in and out of hospital the last couple of months and went into palliative care on Tue morn and crossed the bar at 4am/13th.

I treasure the memories of your mateship, fishing and caravanning across the country. I hope the fishing is better up there than down here.

RIP Greg
John & Julie Scanlon

Greg's funeral arrangements are as follows:

The funeral for Greg will be held at 10am on Thu 20th June at INNES GARDENS MEMORIAL PARK PHILIP CHARLEY DRIVE PORT MACQUARIE.

Turn off Pacific Hwy at Port Macquarie service centre, continue thru roundabout along John Oxley Drive for about 4 km turn right into PHILIP CHARLEY DRIVE.

From Shorty Moffatt:

Another good hand has now left us – we both go back a long way – He relieved me in 1966 on HMAS SNIPE and then next year in 1967 relieved me on HMAS KIMBLA , and then when I was posted to HMAS ALBATROSS , his future wife Robyn was in the Comms Reg Office in the MSO.

Greg mate, like others I served with in that era, it was a privilege to have known you and also your future wife Robyn. To Robyn and family, along with Helen our sincere sympathy. RIP old mate – as an old small ships sparker, keep a good listening watch.

Shorty Moffatt

From the Archives:
Gregory Eric Gene Rouse R58342.  DOB 29.07.1943, Joined RAN 27/08/1961 for 9 years.  Promoted to LRO on 13/09/1968. Postings: Cerberus, Parramatta, Harman, Melbourne, Kimbla, Curlew, Harman.

From Ken Eynon: I would like to add my condolences to those already posted.
I was on the Curlew in 1966, with Greg and later in the early 1970’s worked with him in Navy Office. The other RO’s on Curlew were Bruce Lovett and Charlie Peterson (RIP), the two TO’s being Ray Cross and myself.

Greg was a great man, always had a happy disposition, excellent footballer (league and union), and loved his cricket.
At the last RANCBA Reunion in Canberra he and Robyn were both in very good spirits.

My condolences to Robyn and the extend Rouse family.

Ken (Taffy) Eynon
Cheers and thank you,


Wetting the head of Jack Caine’s new abode.

Where are the police when you need them?


David MacLean; Jack Caine; Alan Rodgers.


Vale Peter James Baggott R49927 (ex LRO)

With a heavy heart I sadly report that my best mate Peter Baggott crossed the Bar, yesterday around 3pm. Peter was in hospital for an angiogram while still in hospital he suffered a heart attack from which he did not recover. RIP Pete. Fair wind and a following sea old mate!

Could you inform those of the QLD Assn. I will advise funeral arrangements later, but will be at Burleigh Heads mid week.

Funeral for Peter will take place Tuesday 11th June 2pm at Heritage Brothers Funeral Services 43 Lower West Burleigh Rd Burleigh Heads.
Regards Dolly

Dolly Gray
Sad news, may he RIP.

From the Archives:  Peter James Baggott R49927 - DOB 01 July 1936, Joined RAN 1.07.1954 - DEE 30.06.1963 after 9 years service.

From Alan Murgatroyd:  Hard to believe that Pete has gone , he just seemed eternal to me . Undoubtedly the best raconteur I have ever had the pleasure of listening and talking to . Brian Gray always said that he was the Peter Pan of our branch and I couldn’t agree more ,he was a great bloke and will be greatly missed by all who knew him . So sad”.

From Shorty Moffatt:  I first met Peter at HMAS HARMAN end of ‘58 and out last meeting was on the 2018 Sydney RANCBA Harbour Cruise – he was a legend and with his wit and charm, he had a magic life. Even when I was over in the UK doing my 2 years exchange with the RN, this young RO came up to me one day and said “Did I know a Peter Baggott” ?? and when I said “Yes” he told me how Peter had missed HMAS VENDETTA in Japan and had joined the destroyer HMS ROCKET for a few weeks till they got to Singapore – he had nothing but praise for Peter , a very good sparker but his off watch life , he was a real character and there should be more like him .

My 2 children first met him at a party when they were about 7 & 8 respectively and he was living in Sydney, and I told them of his sad passing, , they wished to pass on their sincere sympathy to his family and all that he knew him. He was one of a kind and you could write a book about his “off watch” pranks.

RIP old mate – it was great knowing you over many many years.

From Fred Harper: 
Like the others I find it hard  to accept Pete has gone. A true character of the comms branch and will be sorely missed. Condolences to all his family.
RIP old mate.


HMAS MELBOURNE and USS FRANK E EVANS 50th Anniversary Memorial Service

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the collision of the aircraft carrier HMAS MELBOURNE and the US Destroyer FRANK E EVANS and the tragic loss of 74 USN personnel a Memorial Service was held in 2 stages, the first at the Chapel, Garden Island and then at the Australian National Maritime Museum,(ANMM) Darling Harbour on Sunday 2nd June.

History . On the morning of June 3, 1969 , 50 years ago a SEATO exercise was held in the South China sea involving some 40 ships from 6 nations , with some being withdrawn from duty in operations in the Vietnam War. The USS FRANK E EVANS was one such and acting as RESDES for flying operations . Sadly the USS FRANK E EVANS whilst taking up station for this duty, came into collision.

The Commanding Officer of HMAS MELBOURNE , the late Captain JP Stevenson AM RAN Rtd was exonerated in a joint RAN – USN Naval Inquiry, but he was subject to a Court Martial and due to lack of evidence he was honourably acquitted, but this had taken an ordeal on his Naval career and he resigned from the RAN and it was not till 2012 he received an Official Apology Sadly he passed away earlier this year.

The Service was held at the Chapel, GI and if attending you received a Invite from the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN.

For those attending , parking was allocated at the South Parking Station and names were checked off by duty sailors and then you walked to the Main Gate of HMAS KUTTABUL and awaiting were coaches to take you to the Chapel
The Welcome was given by Chaplain Mark Raymond RAN, Chaplain for HMAS WATERHEN & PENGUIN, music was by a detachment of the RAN Band. All were asked to stand for the Parade of the Australian White Ensign into the Chapel and presented to the Chaplain and draped over the altar.

This was followed by all in the singing of the Hymn “O God Our Help in Ages Past:” and then the Navy Psalm – the Address was given by Commodore Stephen Hughes CSC RAN, Commander Surface Forces . Then the Naval Hymn “Eternal Father , Strong to Save” . the Naval Prayer and a Prayer for our Shipmates and those who Grieve.

The Naval Ode and then the Last Post , One Minutes Silence and Reveille – all were asked to remain standing for the Colour Party to slow march down the aisle and the AWE was then returned to Colour Party. Following was the Blessing which brought to an end of the Ceremony in the Chapel.

We all then rejoined the coaches and were driven to the ANNM for refreshments and the Awards Ceremony.

On arrival we were shown to the Luncheon room and then taken to our allocated seating - All were then asked to stand for the arrival of the Official Party , which included Rear Admiral Tony Horton AO RAN Rtd , his wife Margaret, the US Consul General Ms Sharon Hudson-Dean , Commodore Stephen Hughes CSC RAN (For those that may not be aware, RADM Tony Horton is the Patron of the RANCBA NSW Chapter and at the time of the collision
was the Navigating Officer aboard HMAS MELBOURNE).

Grace was said by Chaplain Mark Raymond RAN and on completion, during the luncheon it gave you time meet your table friends . It was during this, some one asked , what became of the MELBOURNE, and I just came in and said “ I know LCDR Grant Hammer took it to Cockatoo Island” and this lady sitting opposite asked if I knew this person – to which I replied , “ yes when I was on the minesweeper HMAS SNIPE during the Indonesian Confrontation, he was my Div Officer till he left us after 7 months up top to go to the UK to do a Long Communications Course” but I don't know what became of him after that!! She said “he was my brother, but sadly passed away a couple of years ago” . We then became friends and spoke of different times. I also met Ms Kerry Stevenson and her brother Bryan , they were the children of the late Captain JP Stevenson AM RAN Rtd who had been my Commanding Officer aboard HMAS ANZAC during the Malayan Emergency 1957-58, I had previously met Kerry at the Naval Funeral given for her father at the Chapel Garden Island earlier this year.

On completion of the Luncheon, an Award Ceremony was held and here the US Consul General Sharon Hudson-Dean presented The US Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and was one presented to Mrs Rosemary Patterson (nee Hammer who I had the privilege of meeting and talking with about her brother and our time on SNIPE)
The Response was given by Rear Admiral Tony Horton AO RAN Rtd on behalf of the Recipients - and very well received.

A Speech on behalf of the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN by Commodore Stephen Hughes CSC RAN and then the Prayer by Ms Kerry Stevenson, daughter of the late Captain JP Stevenson AM RAN Rtd
The National Anthems of both the United States of American and Australia were sung by CPO Mark Ham, RAN Band – brilliant on both.

The Official Party departed and then this brought to and end of this Memorial Service and the organisation was well done on all occasions.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter



This Service was held at the ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park, Sydney at 11.00am on Friday 31st May

Vice President Ms Liz Watts OAM FSNA & RANCBA (NSW) received Invites from the NSW RSL to attend and Lay a Wreath It was a very well conducted Service and many of both Ex Serving & Serving and public in attendance.

The MC for the Service was WO Michael Enchong RAAF and the music by the full Band of the RAN ( Sydney Detachment) with the Catafalque Party by serving personnel of the 6th Aviation Regiment and Flag Orderlies by serving personnel six in number of the RAN and Army

All were asked to stand for the arrival of the Official Party which included the new Governor of NSW, HE, The Hon Margaret Beazley AO QC and Mr Dennis Wilson.

After all were seated , the Acknowledgement of Country was given by and then the Welcome Dance by the Sydney Catholic Schools – Murrawadeen Goodjarga Essemble and then followed by the Mounting of the Catafalque Party by the 6th Aviation Regt.

The Bible Reading was by Army Chaplain Frank Langford and then the Commemorative Address by the Governor of NSW, HE Margaret Beazley AO QC, and one of the best I have been able to hear – on completion, she Read the whole Poem “The Coloured Digger” – brilliant and if you ever have the chance, obtain a copy and read.

The Key Address was given by serving RAN CPO Tina Elliott (Murri) who is of Aboriginal descent and spoke so proud of her time in the Navy and Australia - Wreath Laying then commenced , and the first called out was Community Elders -Kathy Dodd Farrawell and David Williams (who is ex RAN, a Member of the Merrylands RSL & RSL Sub Branch) assisted by students from Gymea Bay Public School and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School.

The HE , The Governor of NSW, Margaret Beazley AO QC and Mr Dennis Wilson, Mr Harry Allie BEM (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Veterans Services Association) and CPO Tina Elliott and Mr James Brown State President RSL NSW. This was followed by the Premier of NSW, The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP and many various Government , Consuls , Service and Ex Service representatives , both Public and Catholic Schools and personal tributes.

Included in this was the Commissioner of NSW Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue, DVA , 3 Senior Officers of the Services and both V/P Liz Watts and myself were called forward in the early stages to Lay a Wreath.

The ODE was Recited by the NSW RSL State President Mr James Brown ( and accompanied by a sound of a didgeridoo). Following was the Last Post - One Minutes Silence and Reveille (played by a Bugler from the RAN Band) standing high up on the steps of the Memorial).

Benediction was given by Army Chaplain Frank Langford and then Australian National Anthem led by the RAN Band and the Matraville Soldiers Settlement School Choir.

This then brought to the end of a very well conducted and organised Service and as I stated , attended by so many , especially from schools and the public, so well done to all concerned.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter

RANCBA National Reunion - Geelong

The RANCBA – Southern Region Committee met on the 18 May and discussed RANCBA general business and the National Reunion being held in Geelong on 7 – 11 Nov 2019. The Reunion program is looking good so if you haven’t yet registered please do so.

Follow this link for more information.




To mark this Anniversary of the sinking of the HS CENTAUR a Memorial Service was held in the Chapel at the Concord Repatriation Hospital at 10.30am, 10th May and to a full Congregation.

On the 14th May 1943, HS CENTAUR was en route from Sydney to Cairns when she was sunk by a Japanese submarine south of Moreton Island, Queensland . From the 332 people aboard , only 64 survived. Following Japan’s entry into the War, CENTAUR was converted into a Hospital Ship with the aim of ferrying patients between Port Moresby and Townsville. The vessel had a fully equipped operating theatre, dental surgery and could carry 52 patients- she was clearly marked as Hospital Ship , freshly painted white hull and thick green band around and in several places marked by a large Red Crosses – at night she was brightly illuminated .

In the early afternoon of 12th May CENTAUR steamed from Sydney for Cairns carrying Members of the 2/12th Field Ambulance and after 4 am on the 14th a torpedo struck – the survivors were at sea for a day and a half before they were rescued – the Ship’s crew and Medical Staff suffered heavily as did the 2/12th Field Ambulance – 178 men from a total of 193 died. Of the 12 Nurses aboard, only one Sister Nell Savage survived and although badly injured, she concealed her injuries and gave what help she could to other survivors. For her Conspicuous Gallantry, she was Awarded the George Cross

This and the Introduction was carried out by Fr Graeme Malone Catholic Chaplain and Mr Dale Baikie Anglican Chaplain , both at Concord Repatriation Hospital. All were asked to stand for the Naval Hymn , and then followed by the first Reading, Corinthians 1, Verses 13-4-13 by Ms Shauna De Launey CNE Concord Hospital, and then I had the Honour to be invited to come forward and Recite the Naval Prayer and then following the Naval Psalm – Psalm 107 by Mr Alan Curry OAM 5th Field Ambulance.

The CENTAUR Address was given by Mrs Margaret Green , National President War Widows Guild and a Former Nurse at Concord Repatriation Hospital - it was one of the finest speeches I have ever had the pleasure to be in attendance for. Reflection “The Soldier” a Song of the Centenary of the Great War was preformed by the Meriden Anglican School for Girls Senior Singers and conducted by Ms Jodie Spooner-Ryan – absolutely wonderful.

The Wreath Laying then took place and this included many, Mrs Margaret Green, Mr Hayden White DVA, Mr John Haines AM, Mr Ray James Vice President RSL NSW , Mr Don Kennedy President MN Sub Branch there were many more, including various RSL Sub Branches. The Ode was Recited by Mr Ray James V/P NSW RSL, The Last Post was played by Bugler Holly Luke Padden – One Minutes Silence and then Rouse.

Thanksgiving Prayer of Remembrance by the Chaplains and then the Hymn “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” sung by all. A Tribute to Nursing – a Poem “ Because I am a Nurse” written by Ms Nancy Lingsch Snr Nurse ‘63 and today Read by Ms Sharne Hogan, Director of Nursing Concord Hospital. When you read the words, your thoughts go with all Nurses who have served in this highly respected occupation and those who still serve and have been a credit to their following.

Now , this was followed by the Placement of Memorial Candles and all in attendance and the Girls School Choir did so – it is a very moving occasion. The Girls Choir remained at the altar and then in the Reflection sang “Declare Your Maker’s Praise".

A Prayer for International Nurses Day – 10th May 2019 was Read by the Anglican Chaplain and then for all to say ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

Benediction by the Chaplains and then all to stand for the Australian National Anthem.

On completion all were asked to join for light refreshments and to meet friends . Here I caught up with Ms Liz Watts OAM, V/President FNSA & RANCBA (NSW) Ms Angie Flint Secretary Combined Services Club, Mr Don Kennedy , President MN Sub Branch to name just a couple.

A very good Service again and full credit to all concerned at Concord Repatriation Hospital, and 2 that I will name, Ms Melva Lindley and Peta Macfarlane, and all the “well dones” they received from all in attendance they were thoroughly justified - I was one of them – BRAVO ZULU.

Allan Moffatt OAM
President FNSA

ANZAC Service – Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway (KTMW)

This very well organised and conducted ANZAC Service was held at the KTMW on April 24th commencing at 10.30am with a big assembly of both ex serving & serving and the general public.

The MC was Mr. John Gatfield , former Editor of the NSW RSL magazine “REVEILLE” , the music by the Band of the NSW Corrective Service , the Catafalque Party by serving personnel of the 4/3rd Battalion with Chaplains Fr Graeme Malone, Catholic and Mr Dale Baikie Chaplain, both attached to the Concord Repatriation Hospital.

ANZAC Requiem was Read by Cnlr Julie Little, representing the Mayor of Canada Bay, followed by the Official Welcome by Ms Jennifer Collins , KTMW Chairperson, many would have known her as Asst/Commissioner DVA ACT/NSW a couple of years ago.

A Prayer for ANZAC Day was Read by The Hon. John Sidoti MP, NSW Minister for Veterans and the Member for Drummoyne – A Prayer for the Armed Forces was Read by The Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Federal Member for Reid and then a Scripture Reading was given by Dr. Genevieve Wallace, Act/General Manager Concord Repatriation Hospital .

The ANZAC Address was given by Mr Gary Wilson, Afghanistan Veteran, and herewith a brief outline of his accident/injuries which happened just 10 days before his tour of duty was to end.

When a Black Hawk helicopter crashed near Kandahar, Afghanistan on 21st June 2010, 3 Australian commandos and 1 American soldier where killed – Gary a Signalman (Electronic Warfare Operator) was one of the survivors, but his injuries were critical – he suffered multiple fractures – his left foot was completely crushed – his left knee, pelvis, ribs, forearm nose and jaw were all broken and he had third degree burns and severe brain damage that will affect him for the rest of his life.

He had a slight limp when going to the stage (he didn't want help and walked with pride) , when he spoke, he had a slight problem, but all in attendance could not have cared, he was so wonderful to listen to and with great compassion of all those that have served in any theatre of war, peace keeping operations and for all those that all still serving today – he received an outstanding applaud

This was followed by a Visual Reflection of the beginning of ANZAC shown a big screen

On completion, the Wreath Laying Ceremony was conducted by the MC, Mr. John Gatfield – the first Wreath by the Governor of NSW, HE , General David Hurley AC DSC Rtd and Ms Jennifer Collins, Chair of the KTMW. they were followed by many, Commodore Robert Plath RAN Represented the Australian Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Jonathon Mead AM RAN. Mr Ray James Vice President RSL NSW Represented the President of NSW RSL Mr. James Brown to name just a few.

A Prayer of Commemoration was given by Chaplain Fr Graeme Malone and then all to say The Lord’s Prayer
Following a “THANK YOU” by Ms Carole-Anne Priest Director KTMW and daughter of the late “Rusty”Priest who was heavily responsible for the KTMW being built in memory of those who had served in New Guinea in WW II – and here she thanked the Governor of NSW, General David Hurley AC DSC Rtd for being a very staunch supporter of this Service and all he had done.

The Benediction was given by Chaplain Dale Baikie , and then all to stand for the Australian National Anthem.

This then brought to an end of this Service but all were asked to join with each other for refreshments - here I took the opportunity to speak to Mr Gary Wilson – Guest Speaker and the ANZAC Address and to thank him for all he has done for all who have served and what he has achieved since his helicopter accident .

Allan “Shorty”Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

April 2019


“In this, the Centenary of the Year of Peace, let us unite as the Women of Australia did at the end of World War I and stand together for Peace, stand for Veterans and their Families, as we rethink Remembrance for the next generation“

This Service was held at St . Andrews Cathedral, on Wednesday 17th April to a very big congregation.

All were asked to stand for the Parade of the Ensigns of the Royal Australian Navy, the Army and the Royal Australian Air Force which were presented to the Dean of Sydney. Then the Vice Regal Party entered and this included His Excellency, General The Hon. David Hurley AC DSC (Rtd) Governor of NSW and his wife Linda, also following the Clergy of the Cathedral with music by the Band of the Australian Army.

The Welcome was made by the Very Rev. Kanishka Raffel, Dean of Sydney and then the song Freedom’s Price by the Army Band and now accompanied by the OZY Youth Choir Honouring the Defence Service.

The Lord’s Prayer was by all and then the Hymn Joyful, We Adore You , and then the Introduction by Ms Gwen Cherne, the Table of Remembrance by War Widows , their children and grandchildren place items on the table.

The Bible Reading (Psalm 2) was Read by Ms Liz Cosson AM CSC – now Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the next Bible Reading (Philipians 4) by the Governor of NSW, The Hon. David Hurley AC DSC Rtd

Followed by the Address by the The Most Rev. Dr. Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney and then the Hymn sung by the OZY Youth Choir and accompanied by the Band of the Australian Army.

Reflection was by Mrs Jenny Ware –War Widow , and then the Poem “In Flanders Field” by Ms Gwen Cherne.

The Wreath Laying Service then took place, and the Presentation of the Wreath was Laid by Ms Rhondda Vanzella OAM, State President , War Widows Guild of Australian (NSW Ltd).

His Excellency, the Governor of NSW. David Hurley AC DSC Rtd and accompanied by his wife Linda Laid the first Wreath for the Unknown Warrior. Followed by The Hon. John Sidoti MP, NSW Minister for Veterans Affairs and Representing the Premier of New South Wales , Ms Liz Cosson AM CSC Dept of Veterans Affairs, Representatives of the New Zealand Consul General, the United States Consul General, the British Consul General , the Turkish Consul General, the French Consul General, Mr Paul Lane President Sydney Legacy and Ms The Hon Courtney Houssos MLC Representing the Leader of the Opposition New South Wales and then Colonel Darren Moore CSM Australian Army, Group Captain Grant Pinder Royal Australian Air Force – for some unknown reason, no Representative of the Royal Australian Navy – and later on some saw my Navy name badge and I was asked the reason!!

War Widows then were asked to come forward and place floral tributes for all conflicts.

WW I – Mrs Audrey Blood, WW II Mrs Shirley Hancock – Korea Mrs Dawn Wellfare , Malaysia Mrs Fran Brock, Vietnam Mrs Lynne Boyd, Afghanistan and Recent Conflicts Mrs Victoria Hopkins. All War Widows and their Families were invited to Place a Cross, followed by Members of the Congregation to Place a Cross.

Prayers were then given by The Rev. Ruth Schroeter and the the Ode was Recited by Ms Rhondda Vanzella OAM
The Last Post – One Minutes Silence and then Rouse

The New Zealand National Anthem and the Australian National Anthem by all with great pride.

Presentation was given by Ms Rhondda Vanzella OAM to the Governor of NSW, The Hon David Hurley and his wife Linda – this was one of their final Services to New South Wales and he is Governor-General of Australia Designate in the next month – a Thank You song was sung by the OZY Youth Choir.

Benediction by the Archbishop of Sydney and then all to remain standing for the departure of the Governor of New South Wales with the Archbishop of Sydney ,then the Ensigns of the 3 Australian Defence Forces and other Official Guests.

This brought to an end of what I would term a very, very well organised and conducted Service and full credit to the ladies and staff of the War Widows Guild – you can be proud of what you made happen today. Also the OZY Youth Choir and to the Band of the Australian Army and to all others involved. I would say, if you get the chance to attend this Service, you should go.

Refreshments were then available to all , and I took up the offer and here I met quite a few who I had known over the years at different Services and functions .

Allan Moffatt OAM
President FNSA & RANCBA NSW Chapter


On the 29th March and accompanied by Vice President Ms Liz Watts OAM we were Invited to attend this Service held at the Cenotaph.

The Introduction was given by the Rev. Geoffrey Usher, Events & Commemoration Coordinator RAAF Association with the music by the Band of the NSW Police under the Baton of Mr John Sanders. Catafalque Party and Flag Orderlies by Members of the RAAF (Richmond, but the Catafalque Party in lieu of rifles, use Ceremonial Swords).

The Prayers were given by Chaplain, Sqdn Leader Troy White and following all to join in the singing of the Hymn – Remembrance of the Fallen. On completion, the Address was then by Air Vice Marshal Steve Robertson DSC AM , Air Commander Australia.  This was followed by the Wreath Laying at which time, a Hercules Air Transport flew low over the CBD and Martin Place.

Both Ms Liz Watts and myself went up together and Laid our Wreath.

The Ode was given by Mr Ron Glew, President RAAF Association (NSW) and followed by the Last Post – One Minutes Silence and Reveille.

All were asked to join in the singing of the Hymn , sung to the tune of the “Dambusters March".

Benediction followed by Chaplain Sqdn Ldr Troy White and then all to stand for the Australian National Anthem.

Once again a very good Service and credit to the RAAF.

Allan Moffatt OAM


The 55th Annual Service was held on Sunday the 14th April in the the Merchant Navy Memorial Garden, Rookwood .
The Service commenced with the Introduction by the MN Chairman , Mr David Field FAICD , and the music by the Bankstown City Band.

After the Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country had been given, the Service was then handed over to Sister Mary Leahy the Officiating Clergy. Having heard Sister at many Services and functions, she is with out a doubt , if not the best, she is one of the best – she is so full of life and with that beautiful Irish brogue, great.

All were asked to join in the Hymn – God is Our Strength and Refuge_ the Tune of the Dam Busters March.
The 1st Reading was given Mrs Barbara Jeans , Director – War Widows Guild of Australia (NSW)
Following the Hymn From All Around the World – to the tune of Anchors Aweigh
The 2nd Reading was by Mr Michael Nash, NSW Secretary Naval Association of Australia
Prayers of Intercesson and Thanksgiving by the Rev Tay Un , Head of Mission to Seafarers Sydney
This was followed by all – The Lords Prayer

The Introduction of the Guest Speaker was given by Mr Peter Sinclair AM CSC RAN Rtd (I think he “paid off” as a Commodore) and is now Director of the MN War Memorial Fund – the Guest Speaker was Mr Peter Dexter AM who is heavily involved with many functions, and a Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum and along with his Australian Award (AM) he has been Awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by the King of Norway for Services – a very good spokesperson, and kept you informed and interested of what is happening within the MN.

Following was the Hymn of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces – Eternal Father, Strong to Save, then the Ode which was Recited by Mr Don Kennedy, President MN RSL Sub Branch and Veterans Advisor to the MN War Memorial Fund
The Laying of the Wreaths followed and here there were many , from many sections of the Merchant Navy and here Captain Laxton CSC RAN Represented COMAUSFLT, Rear Admiral Jonathon Mead AM RAN. I had the honour also of being Invited to Lay a Wreath.

On completion, the Final Prayer and Benediction was given my Rev Tay Un , Head of Mission to Seafarers
All were asked to stand and for the singing of the Australian National Anthem.

Before we left, Mr David Field invited Mr George Simpson, CEO of Rookwood Cemetery to come forward and address the big attendance , He spoke of the changes and work that is now taken place at the MN Memorial section and with more to follow and on for all now to join with refreshments that had been supplied by the Rookwood staff.

Once again a good Service and to “Our Brothers of the Sea” BZ.

Allan Moffatt OAM


Navy will be leading the Brisbane Parade and all participants to muster in William Street 0930 behind the banner.  Step off 10am.

Post march – Maxi Taxis from Fig Tree to Queensland Maritime Museum for drinks and nibblies.  1pm Service at the ‘Jack’ Memorial.

The Ship Inn will be open for lunch at 1 pm for those who wish to stay on.

Many thanks



WREATH LAYING SERVICE. As in previous years and as long as I can remember, the RANCBA shall Lay a Wreath at the Cenotaph, Martin Place, BUT with a new time now of 0755am. If attending, please muster at the corner of Pitt Street & Martin Place at 0745am so that we can March On at our given time.  It is hoped that a Serving CIS Sailor (m/f) or even 2, will be our Wreath Layer/s.

MARCH. In the Order of March (OOM) by the RSL NSW, we are contingent nr 9 in the Post WW II Navy .Muster in Castlereagh Street facing north from 0915 am onwards. The RANCBA Banner shall be displayed from about 0910 am so you should not have any problems locating – also RSL”Marshalls” shall be around advising.

The Post WW II Leader for all Naval Associations shall be Rear Admiral Rothesay Swan AO CBE RAN Rtd.  For the WW II Navy Association the Leader will be Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd.

At the start of the March in the Navy, there will be approx 500 serving Officers and Sailors with the Leader, Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead AM RAN – COMAUSFLT.

REUNION. This time it will be a change of venue, so make your way to City Tattersalls Club, in the CBD , between Market & Pitt Streets (not far from where the March completes), so no long walking distance or PB transport requirement.  A section will be “roped” off for our use, and here we shall put on finger food and to make it ever better, Tatts will issue you a ticket for a free drink (ale, wine or soft) which will be honoured on producing the ticket. Any heavy spirits or “exotic” drinks will be at your cost.

ALL serving and ex Communicators & family are more than welcome to attend and it is hoped that serving CIS sailors will come along and join the Association and thereby keeping the RANCBA as one of the best Associations.


Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter



The RANCBA-ACT will be marching in Canberra on Anzac Day.

Your march leader will be Paul Frog McCoy.

Members usually meet at the Navy Memorial – form up between 1000-1030 – march commences at 1040 – we are usually about number 37 in the march order. Look for our banner, please wear your name badge and don’t forget to turn you mobile off.

We are holding an after-march function at the Canberra Bowling Club, Hobart Ave, Forrest. Kick off at 1230 approx.

Please pass this email onto other communicators/ex-communicators, they will be very welcome at the after-march function.

Peter Guy
02 6288 0828
0499 991 421


RANCBA Vic and all who served as members of the Branch, together with family are invited to attend the following events for ANZAC Day 2019.

Dawn Service

The meeting place for RANCBA Vic members will be the statue depicting Simpson and his Donkey (located near the Visitors Entrance at the Shrine of Remembrance). Please be there by 0530 at the latest.

Main March
Everyone should be assembled by 0745 at the assembly point which is at the St Kilda Rd Service Lane, EAST SIDE, bounded by the Queen Victoria Gardens and Opposite the Arts Centre. We expect to step off at 0845 so please be punctual and ready to go.

Our Vice President, Jan Withers, and Committee member, Ted Murray, will be there to organise the Banner requirements etc so please listen to their instructions.

After the March

The HMAS SYDNEY Association will be providing a bus shuttle service to the Maori Chief Hotel as usual, $5.00 fee for Members, family and children free. It will leave from Birdwood Ave on the East Side, directly opposite the Shrine of Remembrance.


Seeking Shipmate Brian Peek

The address for Brian Peek is out of date.. He now resides in Victoria, and the address of optusnet is rejected
Any ideas?

Brian Claxton

Once again an OD had to come and help and a very old LRO out !!!
Shorty Moffatt


March 2019

RANCBA &Southern Region Regional Reunion Robe SA -  Washup

1. Another great regional reunion has come and gone which turned out to be a 5 day reunion for most attendees. To help us along the weather was great, that's until the last night late when she opened up with a massive wind event along with a downpour. Thankfully it was late enough for everybody to be tucked up in bed.

2. Forty of us made the trip to Robe, some from as far away as the Mid North coast of NSW and Newcastle. There was also plenty of South Aust Members as well as the usual Victorians. Half a dozen vans and the rest in cabins.

3. Apart from giving both Pubs a going over, the wineries did really well as did the breakfast Venue which was opposite the park. Beautiful food indeed. There was a feast of interesting things to do. Both Pubs welcomed us for a meal on different nights, the cafe did also and some also went to the movies one night. The wineries also got plenty of hits. You will see by the attached photos that everybody was having a good time.

4. All in All it turned out to be another very successful regional reunion which is great news.

5. Due to a huge positive response, the next regional reunion looks likely to be in Tasmania.  There was a very big response to the Tassie suggestion and March next year was the main suggestion. Stay tuned and we shall try and have a positive response later this year.

6. Attached are some shots of the crew.

Regards Nokka.


Herewith a bit of trivia ....

In the latest VETAFFAIRS News on page 15 – Titled - Land and Sea – Navy Veteran long-time landscape artist.

The person is Mal Gilmour and for those that may not be aware, he was an ex RO. I first met Mal in Singapore (NAAFI Club) in 1965, he was serving aboard HMAS VENDETTA and I was on the sweeper HMAS SNIPE. In 1967 caught up with him again, after I left HMAS KIMBLA and posted to ALBATROSS, and he was already there. I posted out later that year to join Patrol Boats and lost contact with him .

He was a good artist and I believe he was commissioned by an American firm to do some work for them.  A man of considerable talents and writing.

Allan ‘Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Vale Lance Frederick 'Suds' Sutherland R55145 (ex TO)

Have received advice from Shorty Moffatt, who was advised by the President of the HMAS MORESBY Association, that Suds crossed the bar at 1900 yesterday, 21 March 2019.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chris and family.

The funeral will be held at 1400 next Tuesday 26 March, at the Baptist Church in Page, ACT.  Dave Jeffrey will carry out the poppy ceremony.

More details will be published as they come to hand.

Farewell old mate, you will be sadly missed by family and friends.

John Curbishley
Web Yeoman
22 March 2019

From the Archives:
Lance Frederick Sutherland, DOB 24 April 1939.  Joined RAN 02 February 1959 for 9 years. Dee 31 December 1969.  Postings - CERBERUS, VENDETTA, BARCOO, MORESBY, HARMAN, HOBART.

From Shorty Moffatt:
I have just received the following sad news – a great hand and I am proud to have called him a mate – we Commissioned HMAS MORESBY back in 1964 and many great times together.
Lest We Forget

From John Scanlan:
Yes a great mate and we shared some great times on Barcoo and Hobart as well as Navy 0ffice in 68/69.
RIP Lance you will always be remembered.

From Dave Sutherland:
Saddened to read of his passing. A lovely bloke. Served together on HOBART and also at HARMAN, with minimal confusion given our shared surname, and, right arm rate. Fair winds and followings seas. Condolences to Chris and family.

From Kev Luke:
I returned to Canberra from Hua Hin in Thailand last November for a short stay to catch up with family and friends. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to visit Suds; a gentleman with whom I had the greatest regard.

To Chris and family I extend my deepest condolences; you have lost the love of your life but you’re reflected memories and experiences will reveal the strength and determination Suds exhibited and the support given witnessed throughout.

Yes, the celebrations of his life may well have been concluded by now however; as I sit here alone for late lunch in my unique favourite restaurant, I raise my glass to Lance. May he RIP.

From Trevor Pike:
Very sad to hear of Suds passing, a lovely guy, first met him at Harman/Navy Office MSO, then met up at a few reunions where he was always good to shoot the breeze with. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
Fair winds and following seas old mate. Condolences to Chris and family.

From Robbie & Greg Rouse:
So sad to hear of our long term friend Suds, we never called him anything else, loosing his battle. We have been remembering the good old days spent with him and Chris at Harman and at our informal lunches over the years. RIP Suds.

From Garry "Dusty" Miller:
Sad to hear of the passing of Lance “Suds” Sutherland, a good bloke. Suds and I spent a year doing 24’s about in the MSO at Cerberus, playing chess in our spare time and he never let me win once in 12 months. So Suds you remain the unbeaten chess champ of Cerberus MSO and a good mate gone. Condolences to Family.
Garry (Dusty) Miller ex CY

RANCBA SOUTHERN Regional Reunion ROBE 22 March to 24 March

1. Only a couple of weeks to go when we are all off to the beautiful township of Robe in SA. Just a reminder that we have a meet and greet Friday night in the camp kitchen commencing at 6pm. BYO food and drink and we will chuck on a pot of little boys in case anybody needs a top up.

2. On Saturday morning we will get together those that would like to that is to have breakfast in a lovely venue just a short walk from the park. Then the town is so beautiful we must allow time fora walk around. There then should be time to visit a winery or two and taste the local product. Saturday night dinner has been organised for 7.30 pm at the Robe Hotel.

John Nokka White


Vale John Charles McNally R50265 (ex LRO)

To: Allan "Shorty" Moffatt From Warwick Harry

Subject: John McNally

Just been advised by John’s wife Virginia that John has died. Service at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Kiora Rd, Miranda tomorrow (Sat 9 March). 9-30 AM for viewing, 10-00 AM for service.
From Warwick Harry.

Lest We Forget

From the Archives:


Final update for Robe Regional Reunion 22nd to 24th March

1. The Meet and Great will commence at approximately 6pm on Friday 22nd in the camp kitchen in the
SEA VU Caravan park Robe. BYO own food and drink and we will provide a pot of little boys to have a
nibble on during the night.

2. For those not wishing to cook their own breakfast there is a beautiful cafe not far away where we can
all have a beautiful breakfast. On completion for those that want to have a look around the beautiful
township will have time to do so. We will discuss at the meet and great what to do in the afternoon - such
as wineries etc.

3. Saturday night dinner will be in the Atrium of the Robe Hotel - a nice stroll through the township. Dinner
will commence at 7.30 pm.

4. For breakfast on Sunday morning we will leave it to you to supply your own food. We will have a couple
of chefs on site to hopefully do the cooking just to make the rests life nice and easy.

5. If there is anything else just give me a call on 0418 524 067 and I will help you out.

John Nokka White.

Names of attendees are listed below:

John & Sue Falk, - John & Rachel White & Simon - Ted & Lyn Murray - Kym & Heather Parry
Jan & Andrew Gallagher - Roy & Lyn Barber - Barry Kane & Trevor Watson - Janet & Greg Beck
Ernst Power & Les Thurgood - Michael & Carmel Delaney - Marian & Ian Schubert - Brian & Ritva Harley
Hugh & Pat Green - Frank & Evelyn Hoy - John & Kath Williams - Steve & Julie Bridge - Jan Withers
Marty & Jeanette Grogan - Nevelle & Dayle Coats - Greg & Louise Goodwin - Howden Jennings
Ann Drohan.

Photos Grand Central 4th March - Brisbane Mob.

L to R… Baz Cleary, Kev Ruwoldt, Jim Anderson, Tackers Miles, John Horton, Pedlar Palmer, Kaylene (Trev’s Carer), Jim Eagles, Don Ruwoldt, Timba Mills, Roger Garrett Esq, Georg Graham (ex Bubbly & Coonawarra), Gus Dodds, Doc Watson, Noel Chidgey, Trev Percival.

Apologies…Shags Hellier, Bob Simpson, Glen Battye.

Trevor keep your eye on Roger, you might lose Kaylene and need a new carer!!!!! (Mieke???).

Next meet & greet 1st Apr (Cripes that’s April Fools Day).

Cheers Ruwie.
04 Mar 2019



This Service was held to announce the name on the State Heritage Register from Bradleys Head Forts, HMAS SYDNEY I Mast to Bradleys Head Forts, HMAS SYDNEY I Mast ad the Royal Australian Navy Memorial and was held on 27th February 2019 and here I was accompanied on the trip over on the Ferry by Vice President Ms Liz Watts OAM, Mr Bill Ross President of the HOBART Association, Mr Robin Grimley President Merrylands RSL Sub Branch and his wife –there were others but unfortunatey I did not record their names.

Sydney Harbour could not have looked better, at Circular Quay next to our wharf at the Overseas Terminal was the big Cruise Liner CARNIVAL SPIRIT, and then between Fort Denison and Taronga Park wharf was the big Cunard Line, QUEEN VICTORIA and when we were at Bradleys Head, the new Australian Border Force Patrol Boat was going through its paces. It was indeed one of the best harbours in the world, with blue waters, blue skies, one could not have asked for a better setting.

Prior to taking a seat, Mr Les Mcleod came around and put the aboriginal markings on our hand, right for males and left hand for females and then he gave one of the best Acknowledgement of Country and Smoking Ceremony I have ever witnessed – but saying that, I think I will use a match or lighter to start a fire.

On completion, the following Speeches were given, the first by Commodore Robert Plath RAN, Deputy Commander of the Australian Fleet. He spoke on how the name Bradleys came about and then the Commissioning and De Commissioning of HMAS SYDNEY I and the erection of the Mast there. He was followed by Councillor Carolyn Corrigan, Mayor of Mosman, and she had nothing but praise for Mr. Bob Auston (former President of the SYDNEY Association) and now a Delegate to the FNSA, and how also in the “pipe line” he is chasing up for the Invitation of some of the Royal Family to another function here. Mr. Stephen Higham, Area Manger , Sydney North & NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and praise for the work that has been carried out at this site.

The Unveiling of the Memorial Plaque took place , and here it was draped in the Australian White Ensign. The following all stepped forward , Mr Bob Auston, Commodore Robert Plath RAN, Councillor Carolyn Corrigan and Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd and the AWE was taken away and the new Memorial was shown with the RAN Logo and the word Royal Australian Navy Memorial .

A young Mosman High School student came forward and he played a fanfare of tunes by Matthew Collins, BRILLIANT and I would have to say he has a very good future in the music world and I would like to be his Agent.

This brought to an end of the Service and all were asked to join for refreshments which were awaiting us. This then brought some fun, one of the Mosman Committee was just about to eat a sandwich when a kookaburra came out of the trees and took out of his hand. Along with others I thought this great, but not long after I was eating a cake slice and had taken one bite when another kookaburra came and took it out my hand – they were so quick.

This is AUSTRALIA and we were in their home area, so I thought this was great and made it so OZZIE , no one was hurt and the kookaburras sitting up in the trees looked happy

Well done to all concerned – even the kookaburras.

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

February 2019


This combined Service was held at the Chapel, Garden Island on Sunday 3rd March and here Senior Chaplain Jason Wright RAN Officiated with music by the Sydney Band Detachment and the Colour Guard for the Australian White Ensign by serving personnel HMAS KUTTABUL.

All were asked to stand for the AWE to be Paraded into the Chapel and Snr Chaplain Wright gave a Word of Welcome and then the Opening Prayer, to be followed by the Hymn “O God Our Help in Ages Past and the Naval Psalm.

The PERTH Association Mr. Mike Kay was called forward to Address the Congregation and he he also acknowledged and made special mention of one of their Members. Mr Frank McGovern who is 99 years old and was here today . Frank had been on board HMAS PERTH I and when it was sunk in battle along with USS HOUSTON in 1942 by an overwhelming Japanese Force. Frank survived and was taken POW , first to Changi then as a POW on the infamous Thai-Burma Railway for the remainder till the Japanese surrendered.

When Mike Kay had completed, the Chaplain then called for Mr, McGovern to come forward , and when he did so, with out any help he was given a great ovation by all in the congregation .

Later on, a Poem named HMAS PERTH written by Mr Vic Duncan POW and today Read by Mrs Christine Stewart , daughter of John Grant also a POW – It is indeed a poem, if you get the chance to read, do so.

The was followed by the Naval Ode and Ode , then the Last Post played by a Bugler of the RAN Band Detachment , One Minutes Silence and then Reveille

All were asked to remain standing for the Australian National Anthem – which you may not be aware, is now both verses.

Then the Blessing and this completed the PERTH Service and now the Plaque Dedication Ceremony was held.

The following Plaques were Dedicated
Raymond Bambrick – COMMANDER Rtd
Peter Blackman CAPTAIN Rtd
Ted Wynberg COMMANDER Rtd

On completion of now both Services, all were Invited to partake of Morning Tea, which is a joint affair of the FNSA and the RANCBA NSW Chapter. Here today, it all by Communicators as Mrs Mary Bell (FNSA Secretary was badly injured in a vehicle accident and has to recoup).

The following made this a great event , in no set order , Rick & Jan Easom, Liz Watts, Diana Avent and her sister Liz, Andy & Jan Mills , Helen and myself – so well done to all . Also Mr Mike Kay (Secretary of the PERTH Assn) gave us great help . Many of those in attendance (NOK, Shipmates, friends etc) have nothing but praise for this venture and I was asked to pass on their many thanks for such a good “morning tea”

Anyway, after all had departed and we cleaned up the Historical Bldg, Garden Island , we all made our way home.
Another day completed so thank you all for without your help and expertise, this would not come about.

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

Vale Donald Robert Muller R94077 (ex POSY)

Ian Schubert advises: 

"I received notification via my JR intake website that Don Muller had passed away on Saturday 16 February 2019.  This information was forwarded by his Wife. 

I have not seen any Funeral Notice to date. 

Don was a former POSY and a good bloke as well.  RIP Don. 

Kind regards,
Lest We Forget

An awesome mentor in my learning the trade, he was a gentle giant in company with Windy Gale, Noel Barker and Jeff Wasley. Smooth seas and a following breeze. I learnt a heck of a lot in 3F Mess on Dp4p6.

George Podmore


HMAS VOYAGER 55th Anniversary Memorial Service

To commemorate the fatal loss of HMAS VOYAGER and 81 RAN personnel and 1 dockyard person who lost their life that night during a collision between HMAS VOYAGER and HMAS MELBOURNE during exercises off Jervis Bay on the 10th February 1964 at approximately 2050 pm, the following were held.

Friday 8th February - Meet & Greet – This was held on Friday night, at the Jervis Bay Club previously called the Huskisson RSL Club. Here many survivors with partners, NOK of those lost and others gathered to meet, talk/spin a yarn and have a nice evening . Some of the survivors had to leave as they were invited to the Senior Sailors Mess at RANC, HMAS CRESWELL and here the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AO RAN arrived, having driven himself that afternoon from Canberra. From some that I spoke to, a good evening was had by all at the Mess A heavy T/S and rain hit the area just as many were arriving at the Club, but it did not dampen the occasion – wet on the outside and wet on the inside!!

Saturday 9th February – In the AM, a dolphin cruise was held on the waters of Jervis Bay – After the weather the previous afternoon, it had turned to a beautiful day and all had a good time.

That evening in the PM, a Dinner was held . Here I had the very great privilege and honour to be the MC as I have been in the past 5 or so years. The most pleasing part was the number of people there, some who had not attended the Meet & Greet, and had arrived that day.

Sunday, 10th February . That morning under very clear skies, an Official Opening and Dedication Service of the VOYAGER Memorial Park was held. It had finally come to fruition and was a combination of the 3 levels of Government (Federal- State – Local) and the Huskisson RSL Sub Branch. The Chaplain from RANC, HMAS CRESWELL, Chaplain Max Walker officiated.

The first order of Service was the Naval Psalm and this was Read by Captain Warren Bairstow CSC RAN.

On completion of the Psalm, the President of the VOYAGER’s Survivors. Mr. Brian Hopkins was asked to come forward to Recite the Navy Prayer.

The Dedication was carried out by Chaplain Walker RAN , and then the Closing Blessing also by Chaplain Walker.

The Speeches were then given by Lord Mayor of Shoalhaven City Council, Mrs Amanda Findley and then the State Member for the South Coast and NSW Speaker of the House, The Hon. Ms Shelly Hancock , and the following by the Federal Member for Gilmore, Ms Ann Sudmalis.

Following was then the Formal Opening of the VOYAGER Memorial Park by the Shoalhaven City Council Lord Mayor Mrs Amanda Findley and some invited guests.

This brought to an end of the formal proceedings and all were invited back to the Jervis Bay Club to partake of refreshments provided by the Club.

At the table that I was sitting with my wife Helen, we were joined by Captain Warren Bairstow CSC RAN and his Senior Warrant Officer, the Commanding Officer of HMAS ALBATROSS, Captain Fiona Sneath . Even though I had never met Captain Bairstow, his name rang a bell , as he was the Reviewing Officer last November (2018) when ex Serving RAN personnel were invited by the then XO of HMAS WATERHEN, LCDR David Hellier RAN to join in the Freedom of Entry March in North Sydney. It was a very enjoyable refreshment break and full credit to the Club.

Sunday, 10th – A Luncheon was arranged at the Huskisson Bowling Club, and it was Asian, with very, nice prawns etc and with a nice cold ale, as the weather was now getting warm, one could not have asked for anything better.

Sunday 10th – Service of Remembrance – time 2050 pm approx as this was the time of the fatal collision. Here ,the Service was held at the re Dedicated Memorial and all were given a small battery operated candle which gave it more solemn . Chaplain Max Walker RAN Officiated and it commenced with a Prayer for Navy.

All were asked to join with the Reciting of the Naval Psalm 107 and then to remain standing for the Lord’s Prayer.

A Wreath Laying Service was then carried out by Survivors, NOK and those wishing to do so.

The Sailors Ode was then Recited, followed by the Naval Ode and the ODE,

All remained standing for the Australian National Anthem which I believe was sung with great pride and for the memory of those young RAN personnel who lost their life that night.

After Grace, this brought to and end of the Service.

Now, I would be amiss, if I did not mention this lady who has made this happen, not only this year, but as long as I can remember. Mrs Brenda Hannay. She is without a doubt a legend as not only does she put all this together, her husband (a VOYAGER Survivor) is very ill and she is his carer. I cannot think of enough words of praise for this lady - BRAVO ZULU.

FOOTNOTE – Now, I never served on HMAS VOYAGER, but I lost many Communicators I had served with or knew, and as I believe this part of Australia’s Naval history and even though it was a peacetime disaster , this should not be forgotten, so I placed an ad in the daily media “Daily Telegraph". At the time, having just returned from my 2 years exchange with the Royal Navy in England and was posted to sea trial and Commission of HMAS MORESBY, but I had a a few times with some who lost their life.

I received a few phones calls and one that stood out. She was the cousin of the late RO Bob Denham – I couldn't believe it. We had both joined up in ‘55 and did our sea time training aboard HMAS GLADSTONE and then Signal School. On completion, he was posted to the Commissioning of HMAS VOYAGER and sadly this was his 2nd posting back to VOYAGER and his last posting in life .

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter



On Friday, 15th February in memory of Captain Stevenson I attended the full Naval Service held at the Chapel, Garden Island,

Captain Stevenson had been my Commanding Officer, HMAS ANZAC/VLMG – D59 1957-58 during our Service in the Malayan Emergency and the FESR and he he was an outstanding Officer and also a nice person .

The Service commenced at 12 noon, and full credit to the Navy for the entry to Garden Island, on arriving at the Main Gate, I was met by an Officer who checked my name on the list of attendees and then directed to a small coach to take us to the Chapel. Here, we were met and given an Order of Service and then as I was a ex Naval person directed to a pew. Here I was placed next to ex CRS Jock Donnelly and I would have to go back many years to recall our last meeting.

The Welcome was given by Senior Chaplain Jason Wright RAN and then to all stand for the Opening Hymn “O God Our Help In Ages Past”

His Service Record was then Read by the Commander Australian Fleet . Rear Admiral Jonathon Mead AM RAN with a acknowledgement by the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan AM RAN- it is indeed a record that Australia should be proud of.

Memories of Captain Stevenson was given by his son, Bryan and daughter Kerry and then shown on a screen – Reflections

The Naval Psalm was Recited by Ivy Stevenson and all were asked to join in

The Hymn “How Great Thou Art” was sung by all and then the Bible Reading taken from John 14 1-6

Homily was given by Snr Chaplain Jason Wright RAN and also the Prayers of Thanksgiving and Farewell

Following the Naval Prayer and the Naval Hymn

The ODE was Recited by Captain Matthew Shand RAN , Commanding Officer HMAS KUTTABUL

Then outside in forecourt near the Chapel, and armed platoon of Serving Sailors fired 3 rounds as a salute

One Minutes Silence and Reveille

A presentation to the Family was given by Commander Marcus Butler RAN, Commanding Officer HMAS MELBOURNE

The Committal and Blessing was given by Senior Chaplain Jason Wright RAN

Following 6 current serving sailors slowed marched down the Chapel and the coffin was then placed on their shoulders and the coffin was borne down the aisle for all to say their farewell

On leaving the Chapel, outside in front of the hearse was the platoon of current serving sailors bearing arms and behind a bigger contingent of serving sailors who slow marched after the hearse.

This brought to an end of a fitting farewell to a Naval Officer who had served this Nation, and I am proud to have attended in memory of my time aboard one of the ships he commanded.

I noted in attendance the following, RADM, Tony Horton, Guy Griffiths, Andrew Robertson, Rothesay Swan , and others who I have met or seen during my time in the RAN.

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter


1. This second update will just be a short one with those that have booked to date. Also if you are aware of anybody else that might enjoy this catch up reunion please invite them along.

2. For the opening night catch-up on Friday 22nd, don't forget to bring along your own food. We will be putting on a pot of little boys to help the night along.

3. Not much else to say - so here's a list of all those booked to date:- keep recruiting, the bigger the better.

John & Sue Falk  John & Rachel White & Simon Ted & Lyn Murray
Kym & Heather Parry Jan & Andrew Gallagher Roy & Lyn Barber
Ernst Power & Les Thurgood Michael & Carmel Delaney Marion & Ian Schubert
Janet & Greg Beck Brian & Ritva Harley Hugh & Pat Green
Frank & Evelyn Hoy John & Kath Williams Don Parsons & Villa
Steve & Julie Bridge Marty & Jeanette Grogan Nevelle & Dayle Coats
Barry Kane Trevor Watson Jan Withers

I shall put out another update as numbers increase or just before the Reunion.

Cheers Nokka


Vale Captain JP Stevenson AM RAN Rtd

I regret to advise that Captain JP (Steve) Stevenson AM RAN Rtd., crossed the bar on 29 January 2019. 

Captain Stevenson was in command of HMAS MELBOURNE in 1969 when the American Destroyer USS Frank E. Evans collided with the RAN Flagship in the South China Sea.

The RAN will be honouring Captain Stevenson by providing a full naval funeral at the Garden Island Chapel commencing at 12.00 on Friday 15 February.  All welcome.

For those who wish to attend the Funeral Service to be held at the Chapel, Garden Island, you will need to have your name listed, so please send a email with your details to the following:
email address is

Allan ‘Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

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VALE Clive Henry 'Duke' Norfolk R52222 (ex LRO)

DOB 07/01/1938, Joined RAN 30/07/56 for 6 years, Discharged 29/01/62.

I have received several emails and phone calls regarding the sad passing of Clive “The Duke” Norfolk .

I first met Duke when he drafted into HMAS HARMAN after serving on HMAS MELBOURNE late 50’s early 60’s and later on when he was with DCA.

No other details are known at present, but if I receive further information from his daughter, I will pass it on.

Lest We Forget
Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

From: Clive Norfolk

Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2019 9:49 PM

To: Allan Moffatt

Subject: Re: My Deepest Sympathy

Dear Shorty,

Victoria here, Clive’s daughter. I rang Elaine this afternoon and told her our sad news.

Clive has been seriously ill since August 2018 with Heart Failure. He struggled to stay at home, he ‘dodged a bullet’ with several recent health scares but living 70kms from a hospital was a risk that caught up with him on Monday night and he passed away before the ambulance arrived.

He didn’t want to move from Buchan and he got his wish, I suppose that is some comfort.

If you would like any further information you can contact me at


On 31 Jan 2019, at 1:52 pm, Allan Moffatt wrote:

Good afternoon and on behalf of the RAN Communications Branch Ass, we offer our Deepest Sympathy

 I had a phone call from Mrs Elaine King advised that Clive had sadly passed away

So if anyone could send me all details , I shall place on the Communicators Website for all to know.

 Lest We Forget

 Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter
Lest We Forget



This Service will be held over the weekend of the 8th February till 10th February and this will be held by the Survivors Association in memory of the worst peacetime RAN disaster which occurred on the 10th February 1964 when the Destroyer HMAS VOYAGER and the air craft carrier HMAS MELBOURNE were involved in a fatal collision during exercises on the NSW coast near Jervis Bay and sadly the loss of 82 personnel.

The weekend will commence on Friday 8th February with a “Meet & Greet” being held at the Jervis Bay Club (formerly the Huskisson RSL Club.)

On Saturday 9th during the AM, a “dolphin watch cruise” on Jervis Bay .

That evening at the Jervis Bay Club a formal dinner will be held at the Jervis Bay Club . I have been Invited and given the privilege of being asked again to carry out the duty of the MC at this very moving part of the weekend.

Now on Sunday 10th February, a Memorial Service was planned as normal to be held at the Chapel, RANC, HMAS CRESWELL but this year at 10.00am there will be a Dedication Service to be held for the new Memorial which has been built by the Shoalhaven Council and the Huskisson RSL , located behind the Jervis Bay Club , so the Church Service will not be held.

Should you be attending the Dedication, full Medals are to be worn.

That evening at the Memorial, at 2045 (8.45pm) the time of the fatal collision a Memorial Service will be held – all are welcome to attend

If anyone should be in the Jervis Bay area or wishes to attend some of the Services, (the Dedication of the new Memorial and the Memorial Service that evening ) you will be most welcome

Allan “Shorty” Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW Chapter

RANCBA ACT - Australia Day Function

For our Australia Day function this year Kaye Mongan, a committee member, has kindly agreed to hold it at her place.

Catering will be by Costco platters, purchased by the Association. BYO drinks.

Please advise me by email, or leave a message on my mobile phone, of your attendance.

Date – Saturday 26th January 2019RAN Communications Branch Association
Kick off – 1200
Venue – 11 Leggo Place Dunlop

Hope to see you all there…..


Peter Guy
02 6288 0828
0499 991 421

From Jack Bawden:

Thanks NSW Chapter, in particular Shorty and Dolly, many thanks for a fantastic day, 13th Dec, on Garden Island Harbour. The food, drinks and especially the company, FIRST CLASS”.